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How to create SQL server connection and database in SQL management studio 2008

This tutorial is to make you understand, how you can connect sql server 2008 R2 database with your c# windows form application.

The first step is to install the sql server 2008 management studio or any of the version. I am using the 2008 R2 version.

After the installation you need to first connect to the sql server.

You have to provide the server name. It will be your PC name . If you have full version of sql server you have to write pcname\SQLSERVER and if you are using express version, you have to write pcname\SQLEXPRESS. And click on the connect button. The below figure will show the next window of your sql server.

Right click on the databases folder and select new database, the above window will appear. Provide the database name in the text field and click ok.

The figure below will show how you can create table in database.

Go to your database that you have created. I have created umbrellaTestDatabase . Right click on tables folder and click on add new table provide the attributes and click on save to save the table . You can see the name student_table for a table in the given database. And now your database is prepared.

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