C#.Net Lesson 2

In This lesson you are going to learn things included in solution explorer of your ide.

Solution Explorer

Let us discus how can you add / remove references by using the add reference dialog box.

For using a component in your application, you have to add reference for that component in your solution explorer. There are five options in add reference dialog box.

These are:

  • .Net (Dot Net) shows all .Net Framework components available for your references
  • The Com shows all Com components available.
  • The Projects shows all reusable components created for any local project.
  • Browse provides you the dialog box to browse for components from your PC
  • The ¬†Recent takes a complete list of components recently added to projects on your computer

You may not find some components; this is due to the .Net Framework version you have chosen.

We worked with Form1.cs file in Lesson 1; now let us cover what is inside this. Click on the arrow and you will find another file within it named as Form1..Designer.cs file.


What is Properties?

For the time being you need to know, you can create setup for your project. You can do many other stuff here, we will discuss them later.


What is Form1.Designer.cs file saving within?

This file contains all the design code of the specific form you are working with. For example you are working with Form1.cs. Any tool you drop to your form1.cs will prepare a designer code of the tool at Form1.Designer.cs file.¬ This is what Form1.Designer.cs file works for.


The last thing you need to know about in this lesson is Program.cs  file.

This file contains the starting point of the project known as main method. You will find the main method in c++, where you have to declare a main method (function) as a starting point of a program. If there is no main method declared. You will find errors.

Find you in the next lesson. Thank you.

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